Vessy Mink began singing children’s songs many years ago.  Ever since she was little, she sang and was sung to by her German mother, Bulgarian father & grandmother and her very musical siblings. Learning harmonies to beautiful songs was something Vessy learned quite early on.  From duets with her father (accompanying them on his acoustic guitar) to learning unique, original kids songs written by her older sister Antje to family chorus’s at Christmastime, Vessy has experienced the love and language of music first hand through her beautifully vocal family.

When Vessy was just 15, she  played percussion & sang background vocals in her sister’s band Just Blame Eve.  The 3 piece band was short lived but managed to record one studio album that showcased her sister’s witty & unique songwriting.            Just Blame Eve performed at popular music venues throughout Chicago,  including the world famous, Womanmade Gallery.

Vessy began her recording career in Chicago, as a hired electronica singer, where she recorded on tracks with legendary musicians such world renowned drummer Kenny Aronoff. After arriving in Los Angeles in 1998 Vessy began writing and recording demos with Matt Sorum of The Cult, Guns & Roses and Velvet Revolver fame and then formed her first Los Angeles band, The Lovesick Lunatics, with Jason Art, Josh Rifkin and Craig Sharp. In 2000, together with the Lovesick Lunatics, she recorded Black Car, an independently self released album, that ultimately led to signing a demo deal with Virgin Records in 2001.

Black car showcased the strength of Vessy’s Pop-Rock song writing, with such songs as Hollywood Hang Me, Love and Tell Me Why? Hollywood Hang Me went on to air for 3 straight months on the hit TV Series, The Gilmore Girls. After playing for audiences in L.A. venues such as The Mint, The Temple Bar, The House of Blues, The Joint, The Gig, and many others, The Lovesick Lunatics parted ways in 2002.

Vessy was also a member of the crinoline-clad, show stopping trio, “The Smiling Minks” with Moira Smiley and LA’s “diva deluxe” Suzy Williams. In 2003, Vessy had the wonderful privilege of opening up for Michelle Shocked in Flagstaff, AZ at the Orpheum Theatre. While in L.A., Vessy hosted numerous acoustic nights at such places as The Viper Room, The Cows End, The Derby, and the Brickhouse Kitchen.  Nearing the end of 2004, Vessy landed a 2 month residency in a very quaint little ski town in Avoriaz, France. She formed a stellar band with the likes of Gidon Shikler and Robert Lorch. They performed nightly at a local hot spot called Le Cabane. From there she travelled to Switzerland, Bulgaria and London, where she recorded 17 original tracks with yet another set of amazing artists pieced together by her management team.

From 1998 to the end of 2007, Vessy had the great honor of volunteering for an amazing foundation called The Art of Elysium at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. It was during these special  sessions at the hospital that Vessy truly realized what she wanted to accomplish with her music. Weaving spontaneous songs, movement and poetry into the lives and hearts of the children who resided there gave her a purpose never before realized.

In January 2008, Vessy Mink moved back to Chicago with her fiance & duo bandmate, Kevin Hill and began the journey of a lifetime. Becoming the mother of four amazing children has given her the greatest of joys and a purpose unequivocal.                In 2011, Vessy Mink was hired to teach for the well loved Wiggleworms program at the Old Town School of Folk Music.   Since beginning at OTSF, Vessy has performed at West Dundee’s Heritage Fest, Millenium Park’s Family Fun Tent, Strawberry Festival, WTTW’s Fun & Run, Chicago Tonight(WTTW), the Macy’s Flower Show & countless children’s birthday parties and special events throughout the greater Chicagoland area.

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